HSE Management

In early 2013, L&A identified a need to develop a more robust and detailed Health, safety and Environment Management plan in order to meet their obligations in preventing injury to their employees and protecting plant and equipment.
The HSE Management Plan was developed to encompass the company acknowledgement of genuienly caring for employees by identifying and setting high HSE standards within all activities of construction. This was also transfered into many other areas of L&A business sections.
The HSE Management Plan Structure is supported and led by Chairman, Sir Luciano Cragnolini and cascades down through line supervision to all employees at the workplace. It is a total Company comitment from all levels, where a developing Safety Cultural has evolved. L&A developed HSE Business Standards to assist in supporting the communication of company expectations, strategic plans and HSE.
HSE Business standards include HSE Leadership, HSE Communication, HSE Roles and Responsibilities, Training and Competence, Incident Maqnagement, Emergency Response, HSE Performance Reporting and Measurement and HSE Audits and Inspections.The key elements include in L&A HSE Management plans are the simple / user friendly tools of safety that have been proven over many decades, resulting in complementing best safety practices and the growth of improved HSE performance. They include:

  • 100% attendance of site safety inductions, including any visitors to site.
  • 100% attendance at daily pre-job start meetings, discussing HSE matters from previous day's work and work for the coming day.
  • Weekly Tool Box meetings with all work force.
  • Foreseen high risk activities accompanied by work method statements, risk assessments and workgroup Job Hazard Analysis.
  • Mini Stand downs at the workplace to discuss observed safe/unsafe activities.
  • Topical HSE "lunch and learn" awareness sessions.
  • Reporting of all injuries no matter how minor and discussion regarding cause/s of injuries.
  • Reporting of near miss and workgroup sharing of outcomes of investigations.
  • Hazard reporting with 100% feedback to workforce on actions taken.
  • Step back 5 x 5 program.
  • Weekly site management safety inspections.
  • Audit and review of all current HSE procedures, permits and registers.
  • Safety Communication from all levels of L&A Management.
  • The priority of promoting Project Team work to support best safety practices and conditions.
  • Closure of accident / incident investigation actions.


The HSE Management Plan has been developed, fit for purpose and consistent with the needs of L&A Construction activities. Similar Plans are developed for new L&A Projects.
An example of L&A's success has been the Sir Manasupe House (Pineapple building) Redevelopment project (nearing completion) where over 500,000 man-hours have been worked with only 4 total recordable injuries. High Risk activities have been included - high rise demolition, construction and commisioning with over 200 workforce - L&A and sub-Contractors.
To further achieve the commitment of our workforce, a competition was held in 2014 open to all L&A and Sub-Contractor staff to create a safety slogan that would be adopted by the Marea House Project and enshrined into the L&A Group's HSE Management Plans. The winning slogan was; "Lets make safety our favourite tool"
As a long time national PNG company, L&A are committed to continue to set new HSE standards within the construction industrty, showing that their policy of caring for their employees is proving to reach new HSE milestones within the country.

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